How can I place an order?

Orders are accepted by phone, mail, email or fax. You can also fill out the form underneath and send it by internet. An order is final when you receive a confirmation and an invoice with payment instructions.
Prices include VAT. The cost of transportation is the current postalfee and is not included.
Goods will be sent by registered mail, upon payment of the invoice. If you want a standard shipment, the riscs of loss by the post are at your own responsibility.
Payment of the invoice must be paid by money transfer to bankaccount
KBC 736-0015934-90 (BIC: KREDBEBB/ IBAN:BE34 7360 0159 3490)

For payment by Paypall there is an extra fee of 4% upon the total price.


Order Form:
Name Email
Street+nr. Town+postal code
List Nr. Description Prix
I want to pick up the coins/medals in the shop I want the goods to be sent by mail